TIANHOO Wireless Controller Compatible with PS4/Slim/Pro with Dual Vibration/6-Axis Motion Sensor/Audio Functio

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replacement ps4 controllerreplacement ps4 controller

PS4 controllerPS4 controller


PS4 controllerPS4 controller

PS4 controllerPS4 controller

šŸŽ®ć€Wireless Controller Compatible with Playstation 4/Slim/Pro怑Controller compatible with playstation 4/Slim/Pro Console. You can enjoy most of the games on multiple platforms with this controller for ps 4. (Note: The first time you connect to the console, you need to use the provided USB data cable.)
šŸŽ®ć€Cool Pattern Body Controller for ps 4 Remote怑This remote controller for ps 4 has an ergonomically designed outer shape that can better fit the structure of the hand. The handle is made of non-slips and sweatproof materials. It is comfortable for a long time hand grip, so as to improve game experience.
šŸŽ®ć€Precise Wireless Controller Compatible with Playstation 4 Controller怑This wireless controller 4 trigger buttons and analog joystick are highly sensitive,with almost no drift and delay in all operations.The feel, shape, and sensitivity of the analog sticks and trigger buttons have been enhanced. providing a greater feeling for this wireless controller.
šŸŽ®ć€Dual Built-in Game Controller怑The game ps pro controller compatible with playstation 4 controller has a built-in motor, with a wireless controller equipped with a 6-axis sensor, Dual vibration electronic motors make the game more realistic for game player and enables you feel every hit, crash, and explosion with hand-vibrating double shock response.
šŸŽ®ć€Package Include Controller- Lifetime Customer Service 怑The package includes 1X wireless game controller, 1X usb cable, 1X user manual.If your game controller cannot connect to your console or buttons cannot be used, Please contact us by email in time, we provide 30 days money back & 365 days guarantee, within 24 hours response customer service.


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